First of all what is marketing? PART 1

Today, I’m going to talk about marketing before we jump into how to market yourself/ your products. I want you to have the correct definition of marketing, before i give you out the correct answer, i want you to think about what is marketing for YOU.

I belive a lot of people would say ” isn’t marketing is all about manipulate people?” No, is not. Marketing is more than that, but sure, marketing seeks more market share, more customers, more work, etc. BUT to do so, you need to have a better service, a better community, and better outcomes. You need to know that marketing is an art, it creates or changes a culture, status, affiliation and marketing is always changing. All of us are marketers, and each of us can change anything if we want to.

When we want to do something, we always make a plan and a goal. Same in marketing as well, you need to have a clear yet realistic goal, don’t be the go-with-flow guy, only dead fish go with the flow.

Marketing is not a battle or war to even a contest. Marketing is all about helping other people and solves their problem, it’s an opportunity for you to change the culture for good.

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